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SportS2 recognized by the International Olympic Committee for injury prevention and athlete health

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The joint centre of the Liege University Hospital and ULiège is the first in the world to combine the three international recognitions FIFA, FIMS and IOC.


portS2, as a member of a French-speaking consortium created at the initiative of INSEP in France, has just been designated as the Olympic Centre for the Prevention of Injuries and the Health of Athletes by the International Olympic Committee (IOC Research Centre for Prevention of Injury and Protection of Athlete Health). It is thus the clinical, research and teaching skills in sport of this centre shared by the University Hospital of Liège and ULiège that are recognised at the highest level.

In doing so, SportS2 becomes the only centre in the world to be accredited by FIFA, the International Federation of Sports Medicine (FIMS) and the International Olympic Committee.

Excellence in support of health and athletic performance

SportS2, an acronym for Service Pluridisciplinaire - Orthopédie - Rééducation - Traumatologie - Santé du Sportif, is the Liège centre (ULiège and CHU de Liège) bringing together doctors and paramedics specialised in sport and its pathologies as well as in the prevention of injuries, reathletisation and optimisation of sporting performance.

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Prof. Jean-François KAUX


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