The university museums and their publics


From 5 to 7 November 2019
ULiège - Bâtiment central (A1)
place du 20-Août, 7-9
4000 Liège
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25,00€/day - 10,00€/day (student lunch not required)

The university museums and their publics : colloquium international (Liège • 5 to 7 November 2019)

Since the beginning of the 21st century, university museums have experienced a real revival of interest. University actors have the ambition to give a new meaning to their museum structures and express the need for official recognition by the international community of museum professionals.


Today's university museums are still too small an audience. This therefore prompts us to evaluate, on the occasion of this symposium, the reasons for this observation and to question the contemporary practices of our academic institutions: elitist discourse? dusty scenography? modes of communication towards inadequate audiences? collections that are too little known and heterogeneous?

The purpose of this conference is to invite universities and collection managers to conduct a global reflection on their public reception policy.


* Registration required before October 25, 2019
Expenses (meals, visits, etc.): 25 € / day - 10 € per day for students (students can only attend conferences for free).


The Embarcadère du Savoir, the Séminaire de Muséologie de l’Université de Liège and Réjouisciences are co-organizing this colloquium. 


Embarcadère du Savoir

Mélanie Cornélis • • 04 366 90 21

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