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HEC Liège ULiège team wins a prestigious tender of the European Commission/DG FISMA

HEC Liège - Management School

Ashwin Ittoo and his team from HEC Liège, ULiège, wins the European Commission call for tender for machine learning methods for supervisory reporting.

DG FISMA is the Directorate-General for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets Union – the Commission’s DG responsible for Financial Stability, Financial Services and Capital Markets. The call for tender was motivated by the urgent need to reconcile multiple financial reporting frameworks, and was open to all institutions within the EU region.

Competition was intense, with many IT firms and R&D labs from the EU region. The solution proposed by Ashwin Ittoo involves the development of scalable natural language processing algorithms for automatically extracting pertinent facts (e.g. definitions of legal statements) and linking them (e.g. finding out which clauses repeal or support each other) from huge volumes of documents, expressed in natural language. Their approach will be based on recent development in distributional semantics using neural networks. Another research team, MakoLab, is investigating a frame semantics approach.


Ashwin Ittoo


Picture © Pixabay

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