2019 Prize of the Foundations of the Heritage of ULiège

Every year, foundations from the Patrimoine de l'Université de Liège award scholarships to young researchers to highlight the quality of their research work. This year, more than €45,000 was awarded to 17 students and researchers from our institution.

P ublic institution created and endowed with legal personality by the law of 5 July 1920, the University's Heritage has received, over the years, donations or legacies from persons wishing to contribute to the development of science and/or the training of students. The Heritage Grants and Foundations Department allocates this income according to the donor's wishes to the award of scholarships, fellowships, prizes for scientific work, subsidies for the acquisition of teaching materials, etc.

This year several Heritage Foundations of the University of Liège (ULiège) awarded their prizes and scholarships to 17 young scientists.

  • The Thomas LERMUSIAUX Foundation, whose income finances an annual prize rewarding an original work or project in the field of equine medicine, awarded a prize of 500€ to Mrs Valène PRUNIER for her thesis "Effect of recovery levels on physiological parameters during an exercise test on the treadmill in horses".
  • The Octave DUPONT Foundation prize, worth €620, awarded to the student who has obtained the most brilliant results at the end of a 2nd cycle in the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, was awarded to Mrs Jeanne WEISSENBERGER.
  • The BONJEAN-OLEFFE Foundation, whose prize is awarded for work deemed meritorious, with the aim of promoting research on cancer screening, therapy or prevention, awarded a prize of €3,000 to Mrs Concetta-Elisa ONESTI.
  • The VAN DAM Foundation, whose prize is intended for a medical student or a doctor graduated from ULiège, awarded a prize of €1,000 to Mrs Amandine DELHEZ for her research work in ear, nose and throat.
  • The VAN BIERS Foundation, whose income is mainly devoted to financing targeted research on the fight against cancer, has allocated an amount of €2,500.00 to Mrs Tania DURRE.
  • The DEJARDIN Foundation grants grants grants to young graduates of ULiège to perfect their training in the field of oncology and in the field of endocrinology. The prizes of €7,500 were awarded to Mr. Gilles RADEMAKER for oncology and Mrs. Anne GALLEZ for endocrinology.
  • The LEMPEREUR Foundation, whose prize recognizes original work that has advanced research in the field of congenital hip dislocation (osteoarthritis), cancer control or heart rhythm disorders, has awarded an operating grant of €5,000 to Mr. Charles POTTIER for his original work in oncology.
  • The Prize "of Hope", which aims to help finance either a temporary study period abroad or intramural research, preferably on Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, multiple sclerosis or fibromyalgia, for an amount of €3,000, has been awarded to Mr Kevin JEHASSE for his research on Parkinson's disease.
  • The ROZET-GARNIR Foundation, which rewards the most deserving students in mathematical sciences, awards the Octave ROZET Prize (200€) to Mr Savinien KRECZMAN and the Henri GARNIR Prize (200€) to Mrs France GHEERAERT.
  • The SPORCK Foundation, which awards a prize to a particularly brilliant student who has completed a master's degree in geographical sciences at ULiège, has awarded a prize of 750,-€ to Mrs Charlotte BERNIER, Mr Gilles PAROTTO and Mr Julien LACROIX.
  • The purpose of the "Promote Research" Foundation is to reward doctoral graduates of ULiège who have distinguished themselves by their research carried out in the Faculty of Medicine and the Faculty of Applied Sciences. A sum of €10,000 has been awarded to Mr Gilles DARCIS for his research work on HIV.
  • The Eric DAUGIMONT Foundation and Dominique VAN DER REST awarded an amount of €1,500 to Mrs Sarah WERTZ, for her thesis on the highlighting of social, cultural and humanitarian implications, and a prize of €300 to Mrs Lolita D'ORTONA and Mr Florent KOUASSI, students particularly active in helping other students.

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