COVID-19: Distance education

Teaching activities are to be held exclusively trhough distance education, until the end of the course period of the academic quarter.

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  • Several platforms and techno-pedagogical resources (restricted access) have been made available to teachers to allow for adapted formats for distance education courses (general courses, courses requiring more interaction with students, etc). Taking into account these exceptional circumstances, the University’s network capacity has been adapted and increased to create a Virtual University under the best possible conditions.
  • The student eCampus website provides essential information about the eCampus platform. The pages will be updated according to current events and emerging needs.
  • Each teacher shall inform their students of the new teaching methods, bearing in mind that certain activities (practical work, laboratories, etc.) will inevitably be postponed or cancelled.
  • The requirements for ad hoc evaluations, group works, and work deadlines are adapted to the circumstances.
  • The Guidance Study team has a guide to familiarize students with online learning (restricted access).
  • Students who have further questions about their particular program may contact their faculty.


  • Internship students must follow the instructions of the host organization.
  • Internships abroad are prohibited.
  • Internships in the health sector in Belgium may continue unless the host institution deems otherwise. In the event that a student comes into contact with an infected person or presents cold or flu symptoms, they must be cease their work and obtain a medical certificate.

Dissertations and Thesis

  • If a student is unable to generate or collect the data necessary to complete their work, they should contact their supervisor at their earliest convenience.

Until further notice, all supervision meetings shall be held remotely.

The defences of the first session will be by videoconference.

Documentary and bibliographical resources

  • Libraries are closed but user services are maintained, with an extension of online access to digital resources.

All information on the portal ULiège Libray.

Events and travel

The general rule is the total standstill for :

Psychological support

CPLU is available to provide staff with occasional psychological support during this period of confinement.

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