COVID-19 : International Mobility

Useful information if you are currently abroad

Student Mobility - OUT

  • Concerning ULiège students who are studying or doing an internship abroad, in addition to registering their presence abroad with the Belgian Embassy in the host country, ULiège recommends that they follow the recommendations of their host university or internship organisation, including when these recommendations concern confinement.
  • For students returning to Belgium, please inform your mobility coordinators of your intentions:
    • continuity of the course of study at your host university, or teleworking if it is an internship,
    • reintegration into the ULiège curriculum upon your return to Belgium, or suspension of the internship.

With regards to the grants managed by the International Relations Department, decisions will be reviewed at the end of the term. At present:

  • Students will keep their funding for the actual duration of their mobility in all cases.
  • For students who have returned and re-joined the ULiège programme, certain other expenses can be covered upon presentation of proof of payment (additional travel expenses, accommodation, etc.). For more details, students should contact their International Relations file manager.
  • For students who have returned to Liège but continue to follow the teaching and exams of the host institution online, we consider that they are still on their mobility programme and they can keep their mobility grant.

We are aware that this exceptional situation may generate additional costs. Rest assured that ULiège, together with its donors (European Commission and the Wallonia Brussels Federation, ARES), is trying to limit the financial impact of this public health crisis on travelling students as much as possible.

Each case being specific, we invite students to contact their file manager at the International Relations Department or PACODEL to ask their specific questions.

Anne-Françoise Rogister, Dominique Frère, Julie Hollenfeltz,

Mobility 2020-2021

Hoping for a return to normal by the summer, ULiège, like its foreign partners, is moving forward in the bidding process for 2020-2021 mobility projects. However, some regions may still not be accessible (due to illness, government restrictions on travel, airline availability, etc.). A reorientation to another destination could then be considered.

Call for the ULiège Mobility Fund (for projects related to developing countries): this call, usually paired with the ARES-CCD travel fellowship call, is temporarily suspended. For additional questions, please contact the Pacodel.

Student Mobility - IN

For students who are currently studying or doing an internship at ULiège, we invite you to contact the International Relations Department or PACODEL and your faculty mobility coordinator / academic supervisor with your questions. Please also coordinate with your host university if you have any special requirements.

Detailed exam procedures are currently being worked out by the Faculties, and these will be communicated to students as soon as they are validated, which should be by 28th April 2020 at the latest.

For international and exchange students who cannot be physically present due to international travel restrictions, remote examinations will be available in all cases.

Consult the Foreign Affairs website: trips to Belgium

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iconeInfo Contacts

  • The International Relations Office for any specific mobility issue
  • The Pacodel Office for any specific questions regarding IN / OUT mobility financed by ARES-CCD or ULiège platforms
  • Call centre of the FPS Foreign Affairs for Belgian nationals abroad: 02/501.40.00