COVID-19: Administrative support

Return to the workplace 

The National Security Council has announced the third phase of the exit from lockdown that will take place on Monday, June 8.

Given this, the University of Liège has decided to re-evaluate the provisions concerning telework and face-to-face meetings. These measures are intended exclusively for the University staff and do not apply to students.

Since the beginning of confinement, telework has been the rule. A voluntary and partial return, limited to two half-days per week, was allowed as of May 11. Today, while telework whenever possible is still advised by the National Security Council, it is no longer the default rule. Starting Monday, June 8, the limit of two half days of on-site work no longer applies and working on site is encouraged. Resuming on site work must be done in coordination with your supervisor and the essential safety rules must be obeyed:

Along the same lines, in-person meetings may again be organized while taking into account the necessary safety requirements. In practice, this means that the participants will be limited according to the capacity of the room (1,5 meters between participants). If arrangements can be made to ensure sufficient physical distancing during the meeting, masks are not mandatory.

"Precautions for face-to-face meetings" checklist 

Individual protective equipment

Disposable facemasks and small bottles of hydroalcoholic gel will be made available to all staff. Masks and gel bottles will be delivered to each building of the Institution from Monday May 4th and handing them out to staff will be coordinated by the administrative directors of the buildings (or the persons to which they will delegate this task).

While in the presence of other people in the same room, as well as in corridors and access paths, wearing a facemask is compulsory for all.

In case of symptoms

If a staff member develops symptoms, however mild, but potentially caused by the coronavirus, it is imperative that they immediately return home and contact their physician. If he/she tests positive, it is requested that in addition to the general tracing measures that will be put in place, he/she voluntarily informs the colleagues with whom he/she would have been in contact with during the previous days, so that they can each take the adequate precautions.

For further information, a guide to good practice for fighting the spread of COVID19 at work will be made available to the entire University community in the coming days.

Events and travel

The genral rule is to stop the organization of events (conferences, symposiums, seminars, etc.).

Staff members are allowed to travel abroad for scientific missions, provided their travel plan is submitted in the MODUS application and granted approval.

It is up to the staff members to ensure the feasibility of their travel plans in the context of the health crisis (possibility of crossing border, availability of means of transport, quarantine periods being imposed, etc.). The website of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs provides useful information on the regulations adopted by each country. 

Students' travel authorization is subject to their academic supervisor’s approval  and his/her obtaining approval of the proposed travel plan through the MODUS procedure.

For any questions relating to insurance cover and the health situation in the visited country, contact the legal department (Ms. Carine Speetjens -

Computer tools at your disposal

A series of digital resources and tools (restricted access) are available to help you adapt to this situation.

Psychological support

CPLU is available to provide staff with occasional psychological support during this period of confinement.