COVID-19: Cleaning, Mail and Deliveries

Building cleaning

Compliance with strict hygiene rules already contributes to limit the spread of the virus. Thus, social distancing and regular washing of hands with soap and water are basic precautions. To allow people on site to follow these recommendations, our technical teams will make sure that the buildings are ready for gradually resuming work on all of the University's sites starting May 4th. Cleanup will begin again in all buildings with a thorough cleaning of the restrooms and disinfection of handles, taps, main doors, reception counters, etc. Also, all buildings will be supplied with soaps, toilet paper and paper towels.

The presence of subcontractors in the buildings will be limited to the time necessary to carry out their tasks.

Internal mail

The internal mail service is maintained.


It is recommanded to postpone deliveries if they are not essential to the continuity of services and activities.
If a delivery is necessary, the service manager contacts the seller to arrange an appointment.