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Launch of BOSS, an interactive, open and multilingual web platform for the self-assessment of innovation projects

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Collaboration, flexibility and agility are precious allies in the innovation process. To meet these needs and thus help the realisation of new ideas, the Interface Entreprises-ULiège, the University of Belgrade and the META group have joined forces around the BOSS project co-financed by the Erasmus + programme of the European Union. This project is about the deployment of a unique web platform to stimulate and support students, researchers and professors to exploit their research results and start an innovation project of an entrepreneurial nature.

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The BOSS (Business Opportunity Self-Assessment Methodology) platform has the particularity of enabling entrepreneurs, professors, researchers and students to independently assess the relevance and maturity of their idea. The combined use of the tools, namely the self-assessment questionnaire, the planning tool, the declaration form and the training materials, thus aims to encourage the creativity, the understanding and the necessary interactions throughout the development of an idea towards the market.

The self-assessment methodology is based on a single form divided into 6 categories (Technology, Team, Market, Unique Value Proposition, Intellectual Property, Finance) allowing to objectify the evaluation criteria and to measure its stage of evolution. The project manager then becomes aware of the level of maturity of his project and the actions to be taken to develop it.

This tool, which is particularly well suited to the current situation, is available with unrestricted access throughout the world to train any researcher and entrepreneur with quality educational materials and enable them to embark on an entrepreneurial project in a secure manner. In the Wallonia-Brussels Federation, the Knowledge Transfer Office remains the privileged contact for all academic researchers for the support of their innovation projects and for business-research collaborations.

VentureLab, Picarré and LIEU are associated partners of the project.

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Contact : Olivier Van der Elstraeten

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