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ULiège joins the network The Shift

In Développement durable

The University of Liège joins the platform The Shift , which helps and supports the organization of sustainable initiatives. With a network of more than 460 organizations, The Shift is the meeting point for sustainable development in Belgium.


ounded in 2015 by the former sustainable development networks KAURI and Business & Society Belgium, The Shift network was quickly joined by other organizations working on environmental issues. Now a network of more than 460 organizations from the business world, NGOs, associations, universities, public and private organizations, The Shift strives to deploy innovative solutions to meet the major challenges of the 21st century, related to our planet, its people and its prosperity.

The University of Liège wanted to join this dynamic, by joining the largest Belgian network in favour of sustainable development. With the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) - a set of 17 goals proposed by the United Nations - as a backdrop, the network organizes throughout the year numerous events and supports numerous projects (the 30 young Change Makers).

Connect. Commit. Change.

The Ambition of the network is based on three methods.

  • CONNECT - The Shift encourages partnership among its members and works to provide an environment of trust where its members, inspired by each other, can come together to create new models of transformation. The Shift aims for intensive collaboration among its members and facilitates exchange and dialogue with its members. To do so, members commit to be respectful, open and transparent in their relationships with other members.
  • COMMIT - In order to work towards a more sustainable society, organizations will be able to draw inspiration from the Sustainable Development Goals to strengthen collaboration between all parties. Within the network, the University of Liège will translate these different themes into concrete actions through the commitment of each of its members.
  • CHANGE - The University of Liège will commit itself to cooperate in the realization of the network's mission. The Shift aims to challenge and gather its members around concrete and innovative projects in the field of sustainability in Belgium, in collaboration with other members.

The Shift's ambition is to achieve, together with its members and partners, the transition of our society towards a more sustainable model. To achieve this mission, the University of Liège is committed to working in partnership with the many other organizations both locally and internationally.

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