2020: a year of records for ORBi and Open Access at ULiège!

In Institution Research

The beginning of the year is the time to take a quick look in the rear-view mirror. And as far as ORBi (Open Repository and Bibliography), the directory of scientific publications of the University of Liège, is concerned, the 2020 result is impressive. Congratulations to all the researchers for these exceptional results which show the scientific vitality of ULiège!


et up in November 2008 on the proposal of the pro-Rector Bernard Rentier, ORBI - the Open Institutional Directory and Bibliography - of ULiège, is a sign of our institution's will to make its scientific production even more available to all, without financial or technical constraints. For more than 10 years, ULiège has been recognised as a leader in Open Access.

The year 2020 has set new records, particularly in terms of the percentage of integration of scientific references with full text access and/or open access.

A few figures

  • 12,221 registered references (including 4,917 articles in scientific journals, 240 books, 683 chapters or parts of books; 3,042 contributions to symposia and congresses)
  • 77.4% with full text
  • 50.9% in open access
  • 4.3 million downloads in 2020 from all over the world (real human downloads, bots being excluded from ORBi
    statistics)! Here too, the previous record of 2016 (3.8 million) has been shattered, a sign that your publications are increasingly appreciated.
  • More than 180 publications or communications related to COVID deposited on ORBi (and having already collected more than 220 citations!)

Also in 2020 ...

  • A great visibility for MatheO ! Between 2,000 and 3,000 downloads per day on average for the 9,500 TFE currently submitted. -
  • A great visibility for the magazines distributed via PoPuPS with more than 2.8 million articles accessed. -
  • The launch of e-publish, our new platform for publishing works in Open Access with the publication of a first book "Le paysage et son double" by V. Furnelle. Others will follow soon! -
  • The setting up of Mosa which takes over Belgian scientific publications in Open Access.
  • The launch of Compass to Publish, a tool for testing the authenticity of journals and thus avoiding "predatory" journals, with nearly 1,000 tests carried out in the first month alone .

Paul Thirion, Director of the ULiège Library: We wish all ULiège scientists a year of research and numerous and appreciated publications that advance knowledge. A year that will also see the deployment of a new version of ORBi that we want to be more modern, more efficient and more user-friendly.

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