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e-publish, a new editing and publishing tool

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As part of its open digital publishing policy, the ULiège Library has just set up e-publish, a new comprehensive editing and publishing tool that allows the author to participate in all the stages leading to the publication of his work, from writing to its distribution on digital platforms.


et up by the ULiège Library, e-publish complements, for book publishing, the PoPuPs platform - a journal incubator, a founding member of the REPERES network which has recently obtained funding from the French Committee for Open Science - which has been distributing scientific journals in Open Access for more than 15 years. Two digital publishing tools that underline ULiège's interest in open science. Conceived as a writing, co-writing, editing and publishing tool, e-publish complies with the most recent standards of structured publication and allows the author to participate in the entire editing process of his work, from writing, peer-reviewing, ortho-typographic corrections, page layout, publishing to its distribution on digital platforms such as DOAB (Directory of Open Access Book), Google Books, etc. If e-publish works are distributed in Open Access in html (website), ePub (for electronic readers) and pdf (for on-screen reading) formats, it is also possible to print them  as books.

“E-publish offers an open digital publishing chain based on a WordPress platform, PressBooks and Prince software and html and css files," explains Bernard Pochet, head of the Presses agronomiques de Gembloux, who developed and implemented the tool for ULiège. “It allows, in a way, to write the science being made. " The author can start writing his work directly on the platform or by importing a text file (Word, etc. ).

With its native digital format, e-publish:

  • allows various enrichments (images, videos, sounds, links...)
  • facilitates indexing and referencing with the description data integrated into the document
  • allows the integration of comments by the reader;
  • allows liquid book (continuous updating of the same work);
  • facilitates print on demand ;
  • produces files that can be read independently of the software that created them.

Made available to the university community as a priority, e-publish is also available to people outside ULiège, as is the case for the services offered by the ULiège Univeristy Press, which has moreover adopted the principle of using e-publish for the editing and publication of works in Open Access as of 2020. The first work is already well advanced and should be published soon.

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