ULiège at the princely mission to Japan


A Belgian princely mission is being held this week in Japan, in which the University of Liège is taking part. Chaired by the Rector Anne-Sophie Nyssen, the ULiège delegation also includes Prof. Pierre Duysinx, Vice-Rector for International Relations and Mobility, Prof. Eric Haubruge, Advisor for Innovation and Regional Relations, Aurore Richel (Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech), Bjorn-Olav Dozo (Philosophy and Humanities, Game Lab), Didier Mattivi, Director of RISE, and Marie Clotuche (International Relations).

ULiège has long-standing contacts with partners and universities in Japan, in almost all its Faculties. The Centre for Japanese Studies also contributes to and facilitates the development of these relations. A few Japanese doctoral researchers are welcomed in Philosophy and Letters, Medicine, Veterinary Medicine and Law-Political Science-Criminology. A dozen Japanese master's or bachelor's students are currently studying in Philosophy and Humanities, while a dozen other Liège students are planning to visit Japanese universities (however, several exchanges have been cancelled due to the consequences of Covid).

During the mission, the Liège delegation will see the partners in the cities visited, in Tokyo, Nagoya, Osaka, as well as Kyoto and Kobe. This will be an opportunity to outline new collaborations in science, medicine, architecture, management and law, in particular.

In Tokyo, on the occasion of an event organised by WBCampus, the ULiège delegation will meet Keio University. Working sessions on video game cultures are planned with the University of Tokyo. And an exchange is also being organised with the Waseda Business School in order to envisage student exchanges with the HEC School of Management of ULiège.

President of the Fund for Scientific Research - FNRS, Rector A.-S. Nyssen will host a meeting between French-speaking rectors and the JSPS, the Japanese equivalent of the FNRS.

In Osaka, a visit is planned to the University, which is one of the universities associated with the Erasmus Mundus EMSHIP in Advanced Design of Ships and Offshore Structures, in which the Faculty of Applied Sciences of ULiège has already been collaborating for several years.

In Kobe, the President of the University will consider with ULiège an extension of the collaborations in various fields (relations with Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech, intellectual Property...), and in particular a student mobility between the Law faculties of the two universities.

In Nagoya, Prof. Pierre Duysinx will continue his contacts with the R&D Labs of Toyota and Denso.

Game jam

At the end of the mission, on Friday 9 December, HRH Princess Astrid will attend the prize-giving ceremony for the Game Jam session, organised just before the mission between 121 French-speaking Belgian higher education students (including 17 from ULiège) and 63 Japanese students, who collaborated remotely in some twenty teams.

The Game Jam is similar to a Hackathon, and aims to design a game from scratch. It is aimed at students of programming, game design, artists, writers and other fields related to game development.

On the Belgian side, the Game jam was set up by the Liège Game Lab of Prof. B.-O. Dozo with WALGA and

Vote for your favourite game project!

The game projects made by the Belgian and Japanese student teams are presented here, and you can vote for the project you like best.


The different games will be presented this Wednesday at 10:00 am (Belgian time) on Twitch WalgaTV.

Ceremony in live

Meet us on Friday 9 December at 7.30 am (time difference obliges) to attend the prize-giving ceremony in the Salle des professeurs (Place du 20-Août 7, Liège), in the presence of Belgian students who participated in the Game jam.


Three agreements signed

Three official signing sessions are planned during the mission:

  • A student mobility agreement with the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies for the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters
  • A collaboration agreement between the University of Tokyo, in the framework of the Game Jam, and the ULiège Game Lab
  • A collaboration agreement with the Ritsumeikan Center of Games Studies (Ritsumekian University) and the ULiège Game Lab


Marie Clotuche

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