Vinciane Despret, Marie Lambert and Veerle Rots elected "honorary citizens" of the City of Liege

From left to right and from front to back: Willy De Meyer (Mayor), Vinciane Despret (ULiège), Antoine Wauters (writer), Veerle Rots (ULiège), Caroline Lamarche (writer), Thierry Luthers (journalist), Aurore Morisse (antique dealer), Thomas Troupin (chef), Marie Lambert (ULiège) and Daniel Weissmann (Director of the OPRL) Credit: City of Liège

The three professors and researchers of the University of Liege were made "Honorary Citizens" of the City of Liege along with six compatriots during a ceremony held at the City Hall on February 2, 2023. This distinction is awarded to them for their careers and achievements, which contribute to the reputation of the City of Liège.

The objective of this ceremony is to honor those who work or have worked, through their personal actions, their exemplary careers, their achievements or their performances, to the development and/or the reputation of Liege.

Among the nine laureates of 2023, Vinciane Despret, Marie Lambert and Veerle Rots, three women, professors and scientists of the University of Liege. Congratulations to them!

Vinciane Despret

Philosopher of Science at the Faculty of Philosophy and Letters,Vinciane Despret has developed during her studies a real passion for animal behavior. In 1997, she defended a thesis entitled "Knowledge of passions and passions of knowledge" in the Department of Philosophy, to which she has been attached since 1991. Professor at the University of Liège and at the Free University of Brussels, she mainly focuses her research on the relationships that scientists have with animals.

Marie Lambert

Professor and Associate Dean for Research at HEC Liège, Marie Lambert has developed research expertise in asset pricing models, market anomalies, investment styles (value, growth) and hedge funds. Her work has been published in international peer-reviewed journals and presented at leading academic and professional conferences. Marie Lambert holds the Deloitte Chair in Sustainable Finance. Her current research interests lie in sustainable finance (e.g., climate risk pricing, disagreement in the measurement of sustainable corporate ratings, analysis of sustainable investment performance) and private equity. She also participated in the registration of ULiège, the only Belgian university, in the GRAFSI global alliance which develops research and teaching expertise in sustainable finance.

Veerle Rots

Archaeologist specializing in prehistoric stone tools and the evolution of human behaviour, Veerle Rots is a Senior Researcher at the FNRS, and the first woman from the University of Liège to have received the Francqui Prize. Since her arrival at the University of Liège, Veerle Rots has developed and directs the TraceoLab, a research center in prehistory dedicated to the study of wear and tear and residues of prehistoric stone tools. His expertise is mainly in integrated techno-functional approaches, with a particular focus on microscopic traces of use and fitting on stone tools, combined with systematic experimentation, with a special interest in Paleolithic assemblages.

The nine laureates

Vinciane Despret (ULiège), Caroline Lamarche (writer), Marie Lambert (ULiège), Thierry Luthers (journalist), Aurore Morisse (antiquarian), Veerle Rots (ULiège), Thomas Troupin (chef), Antoine Wauters (writer) and Daniel Weissmann (Director of the OPRL).

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