Sixteen projects of "Actions de Recherche Concertées (ARC)" financed by the FWB at ULiège

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A funding tool set up by the Fédération Wallonie Bruxelles (FWB) to promote original fundamental research projects based on scientific excellence, the ARC - Actions de recherche concertées - are granted every two years at ULiège.

Sixteen scientific projects have been selected for the period 2023-2027 for a global budget of a little more than 10.000.000 €.

The "Actions de Recherche Concertées" grant awarded by the FWB aims to promote original fundamental research projects, based on scientific excellence, without thematic restrictions, which involve scientists from different laboratories who wish to work in a dynamic of creative cooperation, within a specific field or in an interdisciplinary manner.

The Board of Directors of ULiège has approved, on the proposal of the Research and Valorisation Councils, the list of 16 "Actions de Recherche Concertées (ARC)" projects - evaluated by experts from within and outside the University of Liege - for funding over a period of 4 years (2023-2027) and a global budget of just over €10,000,000. The administrative follow-up of the implementation of the projects is entrusted to RISE, the Research, Innovation, Support and Enterprise administration of ULiège.

Funded projects

  • HABITAGE – An integrative approach of habitat and health for aged people
    Stéphane ADAM (Psychology/ARCh)
  • EXPLORE – EXPLoring innovative crOpping management for sustainable futuRE-proof food systems
    Jérôme BINDELLE (Gembloux / TERRA)
  • EntCogFlex – How entrepreneurial expertise influences cognitive flexibility and brain activity
    Fabienne COLLETTE (GIGA / CRC-IVI)
  • VariGraph – Comprendre la variation graphique dans les cultures manuscrites antiques : l'Iran, la Mésopotamie et l'Égypte comme laboratoires typologiques
    Laurent COLONNA D'ISTRIA (Philosophie et Lettres / Mondes Anciens)
  • COMPRESS – Spatio-temporal compression in memory for real-world events
    Arnaud D'ARGEMBEAU (Psychology / PsyNCog)
  • MIND – The British Sources of Philosophy of Mind 1888-1949
    Arnaud DEWALQUE (Philosophy and Humanities / Traverses)
  • HACAB – Human-Animal Collectives Assisting the Biosphere Building an emancipatory common world : Towards a critical (and intersectional) interspecies theory in time global exploitation
    Bruno FRÈRE (Sciences Sociales /  IRSS)
  • Discrete-IGA – Discrete IsoGeometric Analysis
    Christophe GEUZAINE (School of Engineering / Montefiore) en co-promotion avec l'UCLouvain
  • SUCCESS – SUCCinate receptor as an Emerging target in ischemic StreSS
    Julien HANSON (Medicine / GIGA)
  • DustInTheWind – Tribo-electric charging of granular materials in airflows
    Geoffroy LUMAY (Science / CESAM)
  • Sensam+ – Smart enhancement of Ni-based superalloys "for-additive-manufacturing" towards improved creep resistance at high temperature
    Anne MERTENS (School of Engineering / A&M)
  • EsPOIR – Eco-friendly high Performance cOncrete for sustainable InfrastructuRes
    Boyan MIHAYLOV (School of Engineering / UEE)
  • DiseaZebra – Genetic diagnosis of inherited kidney diseases by modelization in zebrafish
    Bernard PEERS (Medicine / GIGA-Stem Cells)
  • SPACEGRAM – Grammar from space : How spatial elements become applicatives
    An VAN LINDEN (Philosophy and Humanities / Lilith)
  • Stressless – Inhibition of stress granule formation by two phylogenetically distant herpesviruses
    Alain VANDERPLASSCHEN (Veterinary medicine / FARAH)
  • IN-RYTHM – In vivo, in vitro and in silico rhythms to unravel the contribution of the hypothalamus to Alzheimer's disease
    Gilles VANDEWALLE (Medicine / GIGA-CRC-IVI)

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