Antoine Henrotin wins the François Delor 2023 prize


The François Delor prize was awarded on June 21, 2023 to Antoine Henrotin by the Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and the Fédération wallonne LGBTQIA+ for his dissertation entitled: "Altering male and female vocal motor behavior: a self-study case study".

The aim of the award is to recognize a dissertation that makes an innovative contribution to knowledge on LGBTQIA+ issues. François Delor, who died in 2002, was a sociologist and psychoanalyst involved in the fight against AIDS, and more generally against discrimination based on sexual orientation.

Two candidates tied

The jury decided to award this year's prize to Antoine Henrotin from Liège and Alexane Palm. Antoine Henrotin holds a Master's degree in Speech Therapy, specializing in voice, from ULiège's Faculty of Psychology, Speech Therapy and Educational Sciences, and is currently pursuing a Master's degree specializing in gender studies. He is also a member of the Conseil Genre et Égalité of the Université de Liège. The young ULiège graduate received the award for his dissertation "Altering male and female vocal motor behavior: a case study in self-study".

Academic and militant recognition

As the jury was made up of academics, activists and activist academics, it emphasized not only the value of the work and its scientific rigor, but also the usefulness it could have at a political and societal level.

" This prize encourages me to think about logopedic issues through the lens of gender studies. I'm delighted that the jury was sensitive to this way of looking at the voice and the paramedical sciences from a different perspective. It gave me the opportunity to meet some fascinating people and reinforced my plans to continue along this path. Opening up the discipline of logopedics to other methodologies and epistemologies seems promising to me, and I hope this prize will encourage others to try their hand at interdisciplinarity."

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