ULiège's Climate Fortnight

"Stop the climate change nonsense" program

An unprecedented collaboration between journalism and geography students

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As part of the Quinzaine du Climat (Climate Fortnight) organized by the ULiège Green Office during COP28, a special program hosted by RTBF and journalism students will be recorded in the Media Campus studios at the Grand Poste on December 5.

In preparation for the program, Green Office put out a call to the university community, who were invited to share their questions about climate change and its consequences. Nearly 60 questions were sent in by students and staff, ranging from understanding global warming to its social, economic and technological impacts. 10 questions were selected by Sébastien Doutreloup, Climatologue ULiège, who analyzed them with his bachelor and master students as part of their coursework.

In collaboration with three students from master en journalisme, the responses formulated by the climatology students were recorded in the form of video capsules in the studios of Média Campus. They will be broadcast over the coming weeks on the social networks of RTBF and the University of Liège's Green Office.

" What fascinates me about this project is that students from different faculties and disciplines are working together for a common cause - the climate ," says Sébastien Doutreloup. " I love making links that break down barriers, that get us out of the silos of our respective skills. It forces us to think differently

Other issues relating to society, the economy and technology will be addressed on set by ULiège and external experts during the show, which will be recorded live on December 5, from 6 to 8 pm, and rebroadcast on the Green Office's Youtube page. Climatology students will also take part in the program.

"It's a real pleasure to be able to use the Grand Poste's educational laboratory to raise awareness of climate issues," says Anicée Dupont, Audiovisual Projects Officer. "All the more so when it's students who are taking it up in such a fun, effective and enthusiastic way! "

Would you like to be part of the audience, watch the show and go behind the scenes?

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Full program for the Climate Fortnight organized by the Green Office


The master's degree in Geographical Sciences, with a focus on global change, organized at ULiège, addresses climate change, its consequences (rising sea levels, heat waves, droughts, tropical cyclones, etc.), other natural hazards (desertification, soil degradation, flooding, landslides, etc.) and the impact these hazards have on growing populations. The training offered is interdisciplinary and based on the latest fundamental and applied research. Unique in its kind, it blends the earth sciences with the social sciences.

The University of Liège's MédiaCampus, located in the heart of the Grand Poste, is a unique tool in French-speaking Belgium for students, who rub shoulders with start-ups and companies active in the media and digital sectors.

The Media Campus covers 1100m2 of floor space. It comprises a lecture room, a newsroom, nine sound and video editing benches, 3 green key studios (for face-cam or image overlay), a TV and multimedia set, an artist's dressing room, a "trunk" for datajournalism and two radio studios equipped with webcams for filming live broadcasts and recordings. The equipment meets both the needs of 48FM, the university radio station based on the Média Campus, and teaching requirements.

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