The Belgian Reproducibility Network at ULiège : How to improve reproducibility in science?

Belgian Reproducibility Network


14th December 2023
Exèdre Dick Annegarn, First floor of the B8 building of the ULiège Sart-Tilman Campus
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9 am - 12.30 pm
free but registration required

The reproducibility of research has increasingly become a hot topic across all fields of scientific research. Over the last decade, replication studies of well-published research articles in domains such as psychology or economics have raised concerns on the irreproducibility of research results across disciplines.

With the goal of promoting and supporting rigorous and reproducible research in Belgium, a cross-disciplinary network of researchers has founded the Belgian Reproducibility Network (BRN) in 2022. Thereby, this network relies on the constitution of local nodes at the different Belgian universities to organize events and share good practices across institutions and disciplines.

With this idea in mind, the local node of ULiège is inviting researchers from all disciplines to its first event on research reproducibility. The aim of the presentations and discussions during this half-day will be on sharing good practices and informing about available tools at ULiège to improve the reproducibility of research results.

The presentations will be given in English, but the audience is free to ask questions in French or English.


9.00 am : Welcome Addresses
Prof. Michel Moutschen, Vice-Rector for Research at ULiège
Prof. Christophe Phillips, FRS-FNRS Research Director at GIGA CRC in vivo imaging, ULiège

9.30 am : How can reproducibility in science be improved?
Prof. Jacques Balthazart, Professor Emeritus at ULiège, Faculty of Medecine

10.15 am : Coffee break

10.30 am : Reproducibility policies and pre-registrations: do they work?
Zhang Chen, FWO postdoctoral fellow at the Department of Experimental Psychology, Ghent University
Virginie Neirinckx, Première assistante au Département des sciences biomédicales et précliniques, ULiège
Athina Demertzi, FRS-FNRS Research Associate at GIGA CRC in vivo imaging, ULiège
Chair: Prof. Steve Majerus, ULiège, Faculty of Psychology

11.15 am : Lightning rounds: tools and services available at ULiège towards more reproducibility
Open Data: The ULiège Dataverse
Judith Biernaux, Research Data Officer, RISE, ULiège
Research logs in RSpace Sabine Wislet, Associate Professor at ULiège, Faculty of Medecine
Open source development with Git Prof. Christophe Phillips, FRS-FNRS Research Director at GIGA CRC in vivo imaging, ULiège
Data analysis with DataLad Martin Grignard, Data Manager at GIGA, ULiège, Faculty of Medecine

12.00 : Wrap-up and goodbye


Free but registration required

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