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Pisart scholarships: 24 students honored

A scholarship to support and encourage future engineers

Open to secondary school students wishing to study civil engineering at the University of Liège, the Pisart scholarships are entrance scholarships designed to reward academic achievement and motivation for engineering studies, while taking into account the social situation of applicants.

These scholarships are financed by the Fernand Pisart Bequest, named after the Belgian mining engineer and industrialist who graduated from the University of Liège in 1902.

This year, 24 scholarships were awarded.

Candidates are awarded between €960 and €2,400 (depending on their geographical distance) by a large jury made up of representatives of secondary schools, bachelor of engineering teachers and members of the Pisart jury. An invaluable source of financial support at the start of a long university career.

Congratulations to all!


Winners 2023


Winners Institution
BAIWIR Aymeric A.R. G & G Gilson d'Izel
BERBEN Sacha A.R. Air Pur Seraing
BOXUS Line A.R. de Waremme
BRUHL Margaux Collège Saint-Remacle Stavelot
CASARIL Quentin Collège Saint-Barthélemy de Liège
CATTINI Lola A.R. G & G Gilson d'Izel
CHARLIER Yoan Institut Saint-Joseph Welkenraedt
DESAMA Noémie Institut Saint-Michel Verviers
DUBOIS Hugo A.R. Charles Rogier Liège 1
EL ABBADI Aya A.R. Thil Lorrain Verviers
ELMEKKI Sarah Collège Saint-Barthélemy de Liège
GERMEAU Théo Collège Saint-Louis Waremme
HALUT Médéric A.R. de Huy
JURION Cyril A.R. and Ecole d'Hôtellerie de Spa
KHAZZAKA Gabriel A.R. Air Pur Seraing
LEGROS Maël Collège Royal Marie-Thérèse de Herve
LHOEST Guy-Louis A.R. de Visé
MOUDOU Amira Center Scolaire Saint-Benoit Saint-Servais
PEQUET Louis D.I.C. Flône
PHILIPPART Alexandre A.R. de Waremme
SCHYNS Arthur Collège Royal Marie-Thérèse de Herve
SHEBLI Sami Institut Saint-François Xavier 1 Verviers
VAN DER ELSTRAETEN Aymeric A.R. de Chênée
WERBROUCK Sybille Collège Sainte-Véronique Liège


A look back at the awards ceremony on November 22:

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