ERC Starting Grant

An ERC to draw up the first European cadastre of social aid granted to migrants


Jean-Michel Lafleur, co-director of CEDEM - ULiège's Centre for Ethnicity and Migration Studies - is going on a European research project supported by a prestigious ERC Starting Grant. This scholarship will indeed enable CEDEM to carry out an important work, during 5 years, concerning transnational social security. Together with an international team, it will examine what states are doing for their nationals abroad. A very first cadastre of its kind.


ow do the countries of origin of migrants established in Europe help these people to cope with the exclusions of which they are victims in their country of residence? To what extent, given the current context, are countries of origin and family and community networks led to replace the role of countries of residence in terms of social protection? What mechanisms, formal and informal, are creating new transnational social protection systems today?

Jean-Michel Lafleur, co-director of CEDEM and FNRS qualified researcher at the Faculty of Social Sciences of ULg, will lead an international team for 5 years with the objective of establishing a new cadastre - that of "new transnational social protection systems". This ambitious European research project, with a grant of 1.5 million euros, will examine the public policies of 28 European states and 10 non-European states. "We will try to highlight what these States, in the context of the current economic crisis and intensification of migratory flows, are doing for their nationals abroad," explains the researcher. "The results of this research are bound to encourage reflection on the future of social security in a world where people are increasingly on the move.

ERC Starting Grants Scholarships

ERC Starting Grants are major instruments deployed by the European Research Council to fund frontier research projects in Europe, stimulating scientific excellence and creativity among young researchers. The highly selective procedure selects only the best researchers and research projects of the highest level, combining audacity and competence to tackle new avenues of research likely, if successful, to substantially enrich knowledge.


CEDEM - Centre d’études de l’ethnicité et des migrations

Jean-Michel LAFLEUR I

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