CRIPEL Exhibition "Why Immigration? In 21 Questions"


from 14 to 16 October - 9:00 to 18:00
Pl. du Vingt Août 7
4000 Liège
All day long
9:00 - 18:00

The NGO CRIPEL will showcase the exhibition "Why Immigration? In 21 Questions" during the Festival and question different aspects of the topic: how many immigrants are there in Belgium? Do they occupy the jobs of Belgians? Are they integrated? Can we close the borders?  

The exhibition presents to the general public the clear and concise answers given by Jean-Michel Lafleur and Abdelsam Marfouk in their book of the same title. In a playful and educational way, the book has been transcribed into 26 roll-ups.

Following the results of polls and surveys, Belgians' opinion on themes such as the economic impact of immigration, integration, the closure of borders, the links between migration and crime is presented. An answer is then proposed to each of these questions on the basis of scientific data. The exhibition will allow everyone to form an opinion and to participate constructively to the debate on immigration.

Languages of the activity: French and English.



The CRIPEL is one of the 8 Regional Centres for the Integration of Foreigners and of People of Foreign Origin (CRI) approved by Wallonia. It covers the territory of the 55 municipalities of the district of Liège, Huy, and Waremme. 



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