Five young ULiège graduates win the HERA Awards 2024

Photos: ©HERA 2024

The Foundation for Future Generations, via the HERA Awards, rewards young graduates who have presented high-quality final-year work on "transforming the world". Among the nominees for this 2024 edition, five are winners in their category. Congratulations to them!


ERA (Higher Education & Research Awards for Future Generations) is an awards program designed to support the high standards and excellence of students and researchers who integrate a cross-disciplinary approach to sustainable development into their doctoral theses or master's dissertations, with a view to gradually inspiring the entire academic community.

Among the young graduates nominated for this 2024 edition, five are winners in the following categories: Special HERA Award; Sustainable Democracy; Sustainable Food Systems; Sustainable & Responsible Finance; Sustainable Health.

They will be honored at the HERA Awards ceremony on Thursday April 25 at the University of Mons.

A 360° wind of positive energy for future generations!

The five ULiège winners


Coralie Muylaert - Special HERA Award Brussels for Future Generations

Coralie Muylaertdefended her doctoral thesis in economics and management at HEC Liège École de gestion de l'ULiège in June 2023. She is currently a post-doctoral research assistant for the UMONS Interuniversity Chair in Social Economics.

Her thesis: "Vêtithèques versus fast fashion. Unveiling the barriers to changes in habitual consumption practices to better overcome them and promote the deployment of the economy of functionality in the clothing sector."


Salomé Charles - Master's Thesis HERA Award Sustainable Democracy

Salomé Charles completed her Master's degree in Law at the Faculté de Droit, de Science politique et de Criminologie of ULiège in June 2023. She is a member of the Liège-Huy bar and an assistant at ULiège's Center for Public and Constitutional Law.

Her thesis: "Civil disobedience in the Belgian legal context"


Solenn Nguyen Vien - Master's Thesis HERA Award Sustainable Food Systems

Solenn Nguyen Vien completed her master's degree in agroecology at Faculté de Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech de ULiège and at ULB in June 2023.

Her thesis: "Maintaining market gardening in a context of water scarcity: study of the impact of climate change on irrigation needs on the Saclay plateau by 2060 and prospects" defended at ULB and ULiège.

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Juliette Baps - Master's Thesis HERA Award Sustainable & Responsible Finance

Juliette Baps completed her Master's degree in Management Sciences at HEC Liège École de gestion de l'ULiège in June 2023. She is currently pursuing a complementary Master's degree in Law at ULiège.

Her dissertation: "The Belgian food industry and the European Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive and Corporate Sustainability Due Diligence Directive"


Nolwenn Lechien - Master's Thesis HERA Award Sustainable Health

Nolwenn Lechien will complete her Master's degree in Public Health Sciences at Faculté de Médecine de l'ULiège in September 2023. She is currently working at the Carrières integrated health center in Sprimont.

Her dissertation: "Prescription de la nature" par les professionnels de santé́ en maison médicale: exploration en région liégeoise des perceptions, freins et leviers de cette pratique innovante."

The HERA Award will be presented on Thursday, April 25 at the University of Mons, at a ceremony that will be preceded by a poster exhibition designed to showcase the winning theses and dissertations.

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About HERA and the Foundation for Future Generations

The HERA Awards are an initiative of the Foundation for Future Generations. Founded in 1998, the Foundation for Future Generations is the Belgian foundation dedicated exclusively to the transition of our society towards a sustainable mode of development, one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. A non-profit foundation with a staff of 15, it is pluralist, independent and active in all three regions of the country. As a platform for transformative philanthropy, it enables its partners, patrons and donors to invest in future generations. It has extensive experience in supporting organizations and project leaders implementing sustainable initiatives in Belgium and Europe.

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