Discover the bus-tram connections between the city center and Sart Tilman in 2025

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With the arrival of the streetcar, the bus network in Liège and the surrounding area is set to change. To give you a clearer idea of the changes that will take place from 2025 onwards, the TEC has putonline a detailed, interactive map enabling you to search by line or by stop, with a "before/after" vision.

In addition to changes to the names and/or routes of certain lines, a major change will be that all bus lines will no longer arrive in the city center, but will stop at the first "contact" with the streetcar.

Changes announced for the lines most used by the ULiège community:

  • Line 1 will become streetcar line T1
    line T1 will link Sclessin to Coronmeuse and Bressoux, serving the Standard stadium, Val Benoît, the historic heart of Liège and Liège Expo, among others.
  • Line 48 will become line B2
    This line will join the streetcar at Gare des Guillemins station, where platform-to-platform connections will be provided. This line runs to the CHU de Liège and Botanique, serving the Fragnée district, the Liège Science Park and the Amphithéâtres, Blanc gravier, CHU and Botanique stops.
  • Line 58 will become line 8
    This line will join the streetcar at Standard, where platform-to-platform connections will be provided. The Liège Science Park and the Amphitheatres will also be served by this line, which runs in the direction of Liège University Hospital.
  • The line 3 will be created
    This line will link the center of Liège to the Sart-Tilman, serving the Place du XX août, the Médiacité and Vennes districts, the Liège Science Park and the Sart Tilman (Amphithéâtres, Blanc gravier and the CHU).
  • Line 4 will become line 6
    It will link the bus/tram interchange at Gare des Guillemins to that of Coronmeuse via the right bank of the Meuse, serving the districts of Guillemins, Fétinne, Vennes, Longdoz, Outremeuse and Saint-Léonard, among others.
  • Line 10 will become line 4
    This line will link Liège to Fléron, serving Outremeuse, the Robermont cemetery, the Bois-de-Breux shopping center, the Maison communale de Beyne-Heusay and the Fléron hypercenter.

Discover the lines of the future
network on the TEC interactive map

To sum up, once the streetcar is in service, you can make the following journeys:

  • 20-Août / Opéra / HEC / Constitution / Pitteurs to Sart Tilman:
    Take streetcar to the "Standard" stop and then tram line 8.
    You can also take tram line 3 to the Place du XX août, Médiacité and Vennes districts, among others, before reaching Sart Tilman.
  • FromGuillemins station to Sart Tilman:
    Take line B2 , which runs from Guillemins station to CHU/Botanique
  • Guillemins station to 20-Août / Opéra / HEC:
    streetcar linelinking Guillemins station to cente-ville.
  • Guillemins station to Outremeuse sites:
    line 6 passing through the Outremeuse district.
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