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15 km of Liège Métropole 2024

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Record broken! On Sunday, April 14 , the 2024 edition of the 15 km of Liège Métropole, Team ULiège pushed its record number of runners even further: 1,132 students, staff and alumni joined forces for this sporting and unifying event. Together, they covered a total of 13,923 km, the distance from Belgium... to the Marquesas Islands.

The weather was fine on Sunday, April 14 and it was... white - the same color as the TeamULiège t-shirt, present in masse among the ranks of the 10,000 runners registered for the various races. Forming the largest group (all groups combined: companies, educational establishments, associations...), ULiège members once again proved their sporting commitment. This is the 8th consecutive year that ULiège has surpassed its participation record (801 registered in 2023).

The 15 km of Liège Métropole is the only event to bring together current and graduate students, as well as members of staff, under the same banner, and confirms its role as a catalyst for all the wealth and strength of ULiège. 11 Faculties represented, some twenty nationalities, a near parity balance: it was enough to be present at the ULiège tents (bib distribution and stand for our physiotherapy students) to feel the team spirit and good-natured atmosphere that reigns year after year. The youngest member of Team ULiège, Simon HODY (almost 18 years old), a student in Bac 1 in Applied Sciences, handed over to Joseph-Simon SMITZ, lecturer (HE) at HEC Liège, 60 years his senior.

Faculty of Applied Sciences does the double!

Last year's winner of the very first interfaculty challenge rewarding the most mobilized Faculty (in proportion to the number of students/staff per Faculty), the Faculty of Applied Sciences is back for the second year running.

In 2023, the "battle" between the Faculty of Applied Sciences (FSA) and the Faculty of Medicine (FM) raged right up to, but this year's victory was clear-cut and without a hitch.
The FSA remains less numerous in terms of participants (162 runners, compared with 238 in Medicine), but it was the one that mobilized the most (6.39% versus 4.06%).
The Faculty of Science completes the podium.
The smallest group in terms of volume (1,310 people), the "Central Administration" ranks a very respectable 4th .

2024-04-14 News 15km Liege PodiumGroupe ©Gedeon photos

©Gedeon Photos

Team ULiège takes pride of place

Present at the start line with the aim of winning the 15km event, Irène TOSI, assistant doctor in the Department of Equine Sports Medicine at the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine and a long-standing podium finisher (1st place in 2019 and 2022 and 2nd place in 2021) led the battle for a long time against the future winner of the 2024 edition (Amélie Bihain), who finally beat her to the line by 2min40. A second-place finish of which she has absolutely nothing to be ashamed !

2024-04-14 News 15km Liege Podium15kmF ULiege ©B.Brixhe

ULiège ©Barbara Brixhe

In the 7km, Henri Gérard, a student at the Faculty of Applied Sciences, also finished on the podium with a fine 3rd place in a tough field.

2024-04-14 News 15km Liege Podium7kmM ULiege ©B.Brixhe

ULiège ©Barbara Brixhe

A seasoned long-distance runner, Lambriny PHILIS, a member of the Human Resources Administration team, also claimed another podium finish in the Trail 21km.

2024-04-14 News 15km Liege Podium21kmF ©Gedeon photos

©Gedeon Photos
Team ULiège is present at many sporting events throughout the year, so don't hesitate to join us at!

Team ULiège in figures

  • 616 women and 516 men
  • 331 more runners than the last record (which already included an increase of 72 more runners than in 2022, which itself saw the addition of 107 more runners than in 2021)
  • 13,923 km covered 
  • 596 runners for the 15km
  • 397 runners for the 7km
  • 72 participants for the 21km Trail / 9 for the 42km Trail
  • 30 runners for the 3km
  • 28 participants for the 8km walk
Race/trail Catégorie Classement  
15km Women 2e Irène Tosi
15km Women +35 2e Stéphanie Hody
15km Women +40 1re Irène Tosi
15km Men +50 3e Guénaël Devillet
15km General 3e FM subgroup (GOESSENS Lola, CAILTEUX Emilie, DIFFELS Juliette, TILMAN Maxence, SIMON Arthur, COLSON Thomas)
7km Men 3e Henri Gérard
7km Men 19-29 1er Henri Gérard
7km Men +40 1er Jacques Dusart
7km Men +50 5e Philippe Vanderbemden
7km General 3e FM subgroup (ZWYRTEK Adèle, HELGUETA-ROMERO Sergio, SECRETIN Victor, BOVEROUX Margaux, GUSTIN Thomas, JOYE Vicky)
21km Men 8e Jules Zaleski
21km Men 9e Benjamin Rondal
21km Women 3e Lambriny Philis
21km Women +45 3e Caroline Michotte
21km Men +50 3e Xavier Froidcoeur
21km General 2e FM subgroup (HEURTAUX Ana, LE BOHEC Awen, SIMON Vanille, MAECK Odile, DEPUYPER Gaétan, CAMAL Thomas)
42km Men +50 2e Yasser BOUYAKHRICHAN
42km Men +65 1er Marc BINARD
21km General 3e FSA subgroup (LEIRE Cédric, FOUILLADE Rémi, BOUYAKHRICHAN Yasser)


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