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ULiège students will receive a new valid student card from the academic year 2018-2019. She will accompany them throughout their studies at ULiège!

Daily Useful Functions

Special precautions

What to do in case of loss/theft?

Useful functions in the daily life of the card

ULiège Identity

Proof of registration at the University of Liège, the student card can be requested during the course: practical work, labs, exams...

Access Pass

The card will be essential to access certain places: the University is gradually setting up secure portals for access to buildings and libraries (notably Alpha and Graulich). Smart card, it can evolve according to needs: access can be given for specific labs or buildings.

Privilege Card

Student life does not stop at the walls of ULiège. Being a student gives you access to certain advantages. In cultural venues and shops that offer preferential rates, the card can be presented. If necessary, the QR code can be scanned using a smartphone to show the registration details (academic year and course followed). If the student does not have access to a smartphone, he can bring a registration certificate.

Special precautions

It is recommended to keep the card carefully to avoid losing or damaging it. Indeed, the student card is also an access badge equipped with an electronic chip and an antenna. These two elements are essential for the proper reading of information on board via badge readers.

It is forbidden:

  • to fold, cut, puncture the bages;
  • place it in or near heat sources and/or electromagnetic waves (microwave, MRI, oven, etc.);
  • pass it on to others (the badge is individual);

It is recommended:

  • not to use it in your wallet or in the shell of a smartphone (communication disturbances between the badge and the reader)

What to do in case of loss/theft?

  • in case of loss: immediately report the loss of the badge to the Registration Department;
  • in case of theft: report the theft to the police and report it to the Registration Department;
  • in case of deterioration and/or non-operation: bring your badge to the Registration Department in order to consider a solution.

In all cases, a card renewal request can be made to the Registration Department. 10€ (cash) will be requested from the students concerned to cover the administrative costs.

The Registration Service will be closed from December 21, 2019 to January 5, 2020.

The Registration Service will therefore not be able to issue new student cards during this period.

If you have lost your student card, you should not be afraid of being denied access to the January exams. Actually, according to article 46 of the regulations for studies and exams, you can present your identity card or passport instead of the student card.

No more activation code?

In the event that you no longer have your activation code (sent by post), go to the Registration Department.


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