Two young ULiège graduates win the HERA Awards 2020

Photo : Julie Delvoye et Isaline Thirion

Each year, the Foundation for Future Generations rewards young graduates who have presented quality work on the "transformation of the world". For this 2020 edition, six ULiège students have been nominated and two of them are laureates. Congratulations!


he COVID-19 pandemic puts citizens before a fundamental question: what kind of society to build at the end of this crisis? The HERA Awards highlight 24 young graduates who deliver, through their final year work, their reflections to transform the world of tomorrow.

As the current crisis does not allow the Foundation for Future Generations to celebrate the 22 winning HERA Awards dissertations in person, all the nominees will be honoured from a distance - from 12 May to 25 June - via various channels labelled #StayHome #StayInspired: 22 personalised animations, 6 webinars, 4 Les Éclaireurs radio programmes on La Première/RTBF as well as various publications on Facebook, LinkedIn and YouTube.

The two ULiège laureates

Julie Delvoye • Master’s Thesis Award Sustainable Democracy

Julie Delvoye completed her Master of Laws at the Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology in August 2019.

She is currently working as a lawyer in a notary office.

Her dissertation: "Blank and invalid votes: an opportunity for the reintroduction of lottery in politics?"

Isaline Thirion • Master’s Thesis Award Sustainable & Responsible Finance

Isaline Thirion completed her Master in Management Sciences at HEC Liège in June 2019. She is currently working as a strategic consultant at the Groupe Santé CHC de Liège.

Her dissertation: "How to drive impact performance in an impact-first investment fund, considering an impact-based financial reward scheme in particular".


The other ULiège nominees


Photo : Charlotte Beco, Bénédicte Bazin, Claire Gauthier, Céline Marquet

Charlotte Beco - Master's Thesis Award Sustainable Democracy

Charlotte Beco completed her Master's degree in Environmental Science and Management at the Faculty of Science in June 2019. She is currently working as an environmental consultant in the commune of Aywaille.

Her dissertation: "The ways in which water is used in a Walloon natural park, with a view to citizen participation".

Bénédicte Bazyn • Master’s Thesis Award Sustainable IT

Bénédicte Bazyn completed her Master's degree in Population and Development Sciences at the Faculty of Social Sciences in September 2019. She is currently an assistant in the Creative Africa incubation program implemented by Africalia.

Her dissertation: "Study of a new form of South-South partnership relationship influenced by new technologies".

Claire Gauthier • Master’s Thesis Award Sustainable Democracy 

Claire Gauthier completed her Master's degree in Sociology at the Faculty of Social Sciences in January 2019. She currently works at the Local Development Agency of Bastogne.

Her dissertation: "Consultative Commissions: Emergence of 'professional consultees'? The case of local rural development commissions in the province of Luxembourg".

Céline Marquet • Master’s Thesis Award Sustainable Cooperative Economy

Céline Marquet completed her Master in Management Sciences at HEC Liège in September 2019. She is currently working in the social finance sector in Dublin.

Her dissertation: "Financing cooperatives: are the objectives and methods of private equity investors compatible with those of cooperatives".


About HERA and The Foundation for Future Generations

The HERA Awards are an initiative of the Foundation for Future Generations. Founded in 1998, the Foundation for Future Generations is the Belgian foundation dedicated exclusively to the transition of our society towards a sustainable development, one of the greatest challenges of the 21st century. A public utility foundation, currently employing 15 people, it is pluralist, independent and active in the three regions of the country. As a platform for transformative philanthropy, it enables its partners, patrons and donors to invest in future generations. It has extensive experience in supporting organisations and project leaders who implement sustainable initiatives in Belgium and Europe.

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