Thymus and the science of self

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Vincent Geenen, F.R.S.-FNRS Research Director and professor of embryology and history of biomedical research at the ULiège, looks back on his research carried out for more than 30 years at the ULiège on the thymus, a key organ of our immune system.


or a long time considered as a useless organ, the thymus plays an essential role in the education of our immune system, by allowing our sentinels, the T lymphocytes, to recognise the self from the non-self. Professor Vincent Geenen has devoted 30 years of his research to the thymus, which could today lead to the development of a vaccination against type 1 diabetes. This month, in the journal Seminars in Immunopatholgy, he summarises our knowledge of this organ, which is still too little known. And he also tells us about it in this video.

Scientific reference

GEENEN Vincent, The thymus and the sience of self, Seminars in Immunopatholgy, Springer, 2021


Thymus and the science of self

Professor Vincent Geenen has been conducting research on thymus at the University of Liège for 30 years. With the THYDIA project (THYmus-DIAbete), this research could lead to the development of a new vaccine against type 1 diabetes.

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