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Five young scientists from ULiège, winners of a BAEF grant for a research stay in the United States

Pierre Foidart, Emeline Hanozin, Simon Lhoest, Annie Niessen and Antoine Simon, all five young researchers at the University of Liège, are about to experience an exceptional year of research in prestigious American laboratories. They are indeed the laureates of a Post-doctoral Research Fellowship awarded by the Belgian American Educational Foundation.

Pierre Foidart

After completing his PhD at the Laboratory of Tumor and Developmental Biology (GIGA - Cancer) of the ULiège, Pierre Foidart will be able, thanks to this grant, to continue his research at the prestigious Dana-Farber Cancer Institute (Havard Medical School) in the field of triple negative breast cancer.

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Emeline Hanozin

Emeline Hanozin is a researcher at the Laboratory of Inorganic Analytical Chemistry (Molsys Research Unit / Faculty of Science) at ULiège. She will continue her research at the University of California at Berkeley. Her research, in the field of analytical and physical chemistry, consists in developing efficient analytical methods capable of processing large biomolecular assemblies from complex biological media.

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Simon Lhoest

Simon Lhoest, a researcher in the Forest Resource and Natural Environment Management Department (TERRA / Gembloux Agro-Bio Tech research unit) at ULiège, will be able to continue his research at Arizona State University. His research will focus on the design of a workable science for the management of protected areas.

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Annie Niessen

Annie Niessen is a doctoral student at the European Studies Unit (Cité research unit / Faculty of Law, Political Science and Criminology) of the University of Liege. She will continue her post-doctoral research at the University of Pennsylvania. Her research will focus on the European Union's crisis communication as a tool for strengthening and consolidating its legitimacy.

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Antoine Simon

Researcher in the Unit of Evolutionary and Conservation Biology (InBios / Faculty of Science), Antoine Simon will be able to continue his research in the field of evolutionary dynamics of symbiotic systems in the laboratory of Dr. Bernard Goffinet at the University of Connecticut (UConn).

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Belgian American Educational Foundation

The Belgian American Educational Foundation Inc. (BAEF) is an independent philanthropic organization that promotes the higher education efforts of the best and brightest Belgians and Americans through its exchange scholarship program. Since its inception in 1920 by President Herbert Hoover, BAEF has enabled more than 3,900 Belgians and more than 1,000 Americans to benefit from a period of graduate study or research in the partner country.

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