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Lionel Clermont, winner of one of the BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards 2022

Credit : ©BIR&D

Optical engineer at the Centre Spatial de Liège (CSL), Lionel Clermont is the winner of one of the BiR&D Cross-Disciplinary PhD Thesis Awards 2022 in the category "Science & Technology". This prize rewards his PhD thesis on the control of stray light in space instruments.


ionel Clermont wrote his PhD thesis* on the problem of stray light control in space telescopes. He worked on the Metop-3MI mission, for which he developed a digital correction algorithm, based on an experimental calibration of its optical properties. His thesis also focused on opto-mechanical design aspects, or ray tracing simulation. He developed the ultra-fast time-of-flight characterization method, which overcomes the limitations of traditional methods.

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About the BiR&D Awards

The BiR&D Prizes are awarded in Belgium annually since 2014 by the association of multinational industrial companies with significant research and development activities in Belgium. Four Prizes, each worth €5,000, are awarded each year. They reward two theses realized in the field of technological sciences and two theses in life and health sciences. These must present an interdisciplinary approach and a potential for industrial valorization.

* "Stray light control in space instruments: overcoming the conventional limits."

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