Nicolas Vandewalle and Cécile Van de Weerdt, "Honorary Citizens" of the City of Liège


Professor Nicolas Vandewalle and Cécile Van de Weerdt are among the seven new personalities who have been awarded the title of "Honorary Citizen" by the City of Liège.

The ceremony was held on 14 August at the Town Hall, traditionally at the start of the 15 August festivities in Liège. "The aim is to honour those who work or have worked, through their personal actions, exemplary careers, achievements or performances, for the development and/or renown of Liège", says the City, which thus presents the two ULiège winners:

Nicolas Vandewalle

"A specialist in small particles at the surface of a liquid, manipulated by magnetic fields, Nicolas Vandewalle is the first Belgian to receive the prestigious ELGRA prize (European Low Gravity Research Association) for his work carried out at the University of Liège."

Cécile Van de Weerdt

"For Cécile Van de Weerdt, ‘dreaming about your sustainable territory is the first step towards getting involved together in your city, your neighbourhood, your village, your organisation’. It is through the 'Rêvons Liège 2030' project that she is proposing a future inspired by Rob Hopkins' famous 'what if'. This typically Liège project marries science, culture and the arts and is the result of a collaboration between the Théâtre de Liège and the University."

Photo : ©VilledeLiège

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