Interreg VI Grande Région: 10 projects funded at ULiège under the 1st call for projects

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Ten research projects have been selected for funding under the first call for projects of the Interreg VI Grande Région cross-border cooperation program. Three of them stand out as being coordinated by our researchers, testifying to the excellence and commitment of our institution to cross-border cooperation to meet common challenges.

The Interreg Grande Région program, co-funded by the European Union and Wallonia, has been supporting cross-border cooperation between local and regional partners in the Grande Région for over 30 years. With a budget of almost 182 million euros from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) for the period 2021-2027, the program aims to make the Grande Région greener, more social, closer to citizens and with better governance.


Under the 1st Interreg VI GR call, 10 research projects are being funded at ULiège.

Three of them are coordinated by our researchers:


Coordinator: Philippe André, Arlon Campus Environnement, Department of Environmental Sciences and Management, UR Sphères Building Energy Monitoring and Simulation

The CERTEB_OPT project focuses on understanding energy certificates for school and residential buildings in the Greater Region, aiming to make these certificates transparent and more effective as levers for reducing building energy consumption. Involving 12 pilot secondary schools and high schools on the 4 sides of the Greater Region, the project will raise awareness among teenagers and mobilize them to optimize energy management in their schools and, from there, in their personal environment.


Coordinator: Carole Rougeot, Faculté des Sciences , Département de Biologie, Ecologie et Evolution, Freshwater and OCeanic science Unit of reSearch (FOCUS)

POLYRAS aims to optimize RAS (Recirculating Aquaculture System) aquaculture production in the Greater Region using polyculture. This innovative project aims to reduce inputs (feed and energy) and effluents from fish farming systems and improve production performance while promoting the well-being of the species concerned, thus contributing to environmental sustainability.

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Coordinator: Eric Pirard, Faculty of Applied Sciences, Département ArGEnCo, Urban and Environmental Engineering - Département ArGEnCo 

UniGR-CIRKLA aims to create an interdisciplinary center of expertise on the circular economy of metals and materials in the Greater Region. By focusing on the transition to a circular economy, this ambitious project aims to position the Greater Region as a European model for the efficient management of resources and technological waste.

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These projects demonstrate ULiège's commitment to collaborative research and the promotion of sustainable regional development, through the achievement of the objectives of the Interreg VI Grande Région program.


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